And the world will live as one… – John Lennon, 1971

We Are Back

Dear friends,

April 19, 2020 has been a remarkable milestone in Living As One’s history. Our culminating joint meditation has been magnificent. A record number of participants has supported us today. We are full of gratitude to each and every one of you. We are bursting with sincere joy that participation in our online meetings was full of sense and a feeling of our world’s connectedness and unity. We are truly Living As One. You can already see a decline in coronavirus cases, and we are delighted if only our modest efforts have had a chance to play their part.
When launching the project, we could not even dream about such vast support. Every next day we were filled with joy seeing the number of our friends mounting up and experiencing the raising warmth of our joint meditations.
Today we have received several requests to continue running the project. Isn’t it  a great idea? The virus is far from being defeated and most of us are still self-isolating. So the project must go on. It would not be right to stop praying together for our nearest and dearest, for those who rely on us, and for those who are far on the front line risking their lives to save others. We ought to continue running our beautiful “Sand Movie”  as it is spreading love and life. Let’s stay united and invite new friends.
From April 20, 2020, every day at 17.30 Moscow time we are getting together for a joint meditation in Living as One.
We are grateful to those who are with us already and those who are on the way to join us. Stay safe and take very good care of yourself! Together we will defeat the virus.
Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,
Living As One Team


Right now, all around the world, other participants of Living As One are sending you thousands of beaming smiles! Are you smiling back? Great! Stay tuned for more!

We all know that this is a history-book moment. We understand that the world is rapidly changing. Our darkest fears arise from within, making us so vulnerable.

We are all so different, yet so similar, especially when we share our love and smiles.

There is no force in the universe that could stop us from showing each other care and empathy, giving or receiving love and warmth. It’s exactly what we need more than anything during these times; to feel that we’re not alone, but that we’re all in this together, bonded by something so much stronger than a physical embrace.

“I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one” as John Lennon once sang. For him, it was just a thought of hope, but today we are capable of doing it. For the first time in history, let’s all come together as one whole. Not as 195 countries, not as 8 billion people, as one world.

In the ancient times, people joined hands with one another around a fire to defeat their fears. They created a circle of safety and power. We should try to do the same thing.

Today, we cannot physically carry this out, but we can mentally reach our hands out to each other and sense the light in our hearts. Each person, in their own unique language and religion, can use this moment to feel themselves as a part of one whole, to be grateful.

We invite all of you to join us at the same time, so we can join forces and be powerful together.


Every Day at 15:30 London time (BST)*, we ask you to connect with us. Our session won’t take more than 10 minutes.



Sit back, relax. If your loved ones are near, invite them to join you, including the children. Spend these few minutes together. Now, imagine a huge circle of friends. Let’s mentally join hands with one another. Feel someone’s warm, trusting hand in your palm. And imagine someone else giving your hand a little squeeze. Now we’re all mentally united, just as real as physically.

This video was brought to you by artists, in hope of uniting everyone throughout the duration of this session. The lovely music will help us sense our unity. Imagine the light coming radiating from your heart. Smile if you wish!

Focus on this magical feeling – we’re all experiencing it for the first time! Think of those, with whom you’re sharing these moments. Sense your soul pouring into each other’s open hearts. You can even hear your soul, filling to the brim with the love given from the thousands of people in this circle with you. Thousands of people, wishing for your health and well-being, just like you’re wishing for theirs.

We all live in different countries and cities, yet now we stand together. We all speak many different languages, yet now we’re all thinking of the same thing, and that’s so much more important. Our unity will help us defeat this virus.

Very soon, we will return to our daily lives, but this magical experience, and these pure feelings, which we are sharing at this moment, will stay with us forever. Please leave any thoughts in the comments.

Below, you will find a countdown. When it ends, the video will become available on our page.

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* there will be 16.30 in Paris (CEST) and Cairo (EET), 17.30 in Moscow (MSK), 22.30 in Beijing (CST), 23.30 in Tokyo (JST), 10.30 in New York (EST), 9.30 in Chicago (CDT), 07.30 in Los Angeles (PDT), 00.30 next day in Sydney (AEST).